Atrial ‘J’ Bipolar Lead 3851 VB

Pacetronix LEAD Atrial ‘ J ‘ 3851 VB

The electrically active helix of Leads are designed to extend easily for active fixation and retract for safe and easy venous passage.
The pacing leads combines the benefits with screw-in, active fixation, to allow safe, long-lasting, low-threshold delivery of pacing therapies.

  • Bipolar
  • Active ventricular fixation
  • Straight lead tips
  • 8.0F


Technical Specifications
Type Bipolar
Chamber Atrial
Fixation 4 tines, 2.5-3.0 mm in length (8F Lead)
Length 56.5 cm
Connector IS1 Bi
Conductor material MP35N
Tip electrode configuration Hemispherical
Tip electrode material Platinum Iridium
Electrode diameter 2.0 mm
Suggested introducer size 8F
Electrode surface area 6.0 mm2 (for 8F lead)
Resistance 35 ± 5 ohms (Uni)
80 ± 5 ohms (Bi)
Insulating materials Silicone