Pace Peelaway Introducer Set

It is a radio-opaque, pre-formable peel-away introducer set for use in placement of Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker Leads, Temporary Pacemaker Leads.

It is designed to be removed without displacement of the introduced pacemaker lead. The risk of kinking or traumatic effects at the insertion point is minimized by its optimized design.

The material guarantees a good preformability and a excellent stability which is very important after removing the dilator out of the sheath.

Technical Specifications
Length (sheath): 14 cm
Length (dilator): 20 cm
French sizes: 7 F & 8 F


Package Contents

1 Peel – Away sheath
1 Dilator
1 Guide wire

1 18GA Introducer Needle
1 Syringe 10 cc

Package Contents

This product is packaged and sterile (ETO-sterilization and non-pyrogenic in non-open, non-damaged package.