Indus I SSB

Indus -I Model SSB-100
External Demand Pacemakers-With Rate Stimulation Model SSB-100


The Single Chamber External pacemaker SSB 100 is the result of longtime -experience in development at production of cardiac pacemakers. SSB 100 enables a safe and effective heart stimulation indicated rhythm and conduction defects terminating of bradycardias prior to implantation or exchange of pacemaker.
The optional conception of SSB 100 Provides an easy and safe application under consideration of all the necessary aspects of practice of the pacemaker -therapy . An Overdrive stimulation for terminating tachycardia is performed by increasing the frequency. Stimulation is indicated by synchronous flashing of the red LED. Sensing is indicated by flashing of the red LED. Mains-Independent battery operation provides a maximum on electric safety for both patient and user.


Operating Modes VVI (Demand), V00 (Anynchroous) (over drive: 270-800 PPM)
R-Wave Sensitivity Variable from 0.5my to 20 my (80Hz Sin Square Test Pulse) scale accuracy: 20 %
Input Impedance 8 k ohm + 10 %
Defibrillation Protection Suppression diode
R-wave Filter High quality filter for acceptance of R-wave specified 22 Hz frequency components
HF-Filter For suppression of high frequency interference pulses
Output Pulse Form: biphasic, asymmetric Width: 1.5 ms + 0.03 ms
Output Pulse Amplitude Stabilised output variables from 55 my to 15 V (0.1 mA to 20 mA at 510 ohm Load) Scale accuracy : + 5 %)
Detection Of Output Pulse Red LED flashes synchronously to every stimulation pulse
Stimulation Frequency Variable from 25 to 200 PPM Scale Accuracy 20 -100 ppm +-+ 5% > 100 ppm +- 10%
Runaway Protection 220ppm ± 15 ppm
Refractory Period (0.375*pulse interval )ms, at nominal setting :313 ms ± 5%
Interference Recognition Input pulse sequence < 200 ms (>4.5 HZ) cause the system to switch- over to the asynchronous Mode
Battery Control If Red LED is on-battery should be changed if Red LED is off- battery is good
Battery DuraCell 9V PPP3 Alkaline Battery or equivalent type
Dimensions 60 mm X 115mm X 20 mm, plastic housing
Weight 185 gm (including battery)
Connection of Lead Security sockets :1.8 to 2.3 mm diameter
Delivery Volume SSB 100 incl. battery