Pinnacle 8820

Pinnacle 8820 SSI (Multiprogrammable)

Pinnacle pacemaker is 8 Parameter multi-programmable Implantable Pulse Generator. Pinnacle has Digital Algorithm for automatic threshold measurement facility for tension free pacing even if the threshold is changing between acute and chronic levels. Once automatic feature is enabled the pacemaker itself settles down to an optimum pacing amplitude. When a loss of capture is detected pacemaker immediately increases its amplitude up to 4.5 Volts to maintain pacing, after 4.5Volts Automatic feature is disabled and pacing polarity is changed to Unipolar for effective pacing (eliminating defect caused by outer lead fracture).

Specifications :

General parameter:

  • Pacing Modes: VVI, VVT, VOO, AAI, AAT, AOO, OAO, OVO, OFF(OOO)
  • Basic(Lower) Rate: From 30 BPM to 120 BPM
  • Upper Sensor Rate: From 80 BPM to 180 BPM in steps of 2 BPM.
  • Upper Rate: From 80 BPM to 180 BPM in steps of 2 BPM.(In SST Mode).
  • Rate Hysteresis.
  • Magnet Response.
  • Noise Detection.
  • High Rate Temporary programming
  • Auto Measure (Auto threshold Measurement) (ON/OFF)

Pacing and sensing Parameters:

  • Pulse Width: From 0.07 ms to 1.5 ms.
  • Amplitude: From 0.2 V to 7.5 V.
  • Pacing Polarity : Unipolar /Bipolar
  • Sensitivity: 0.5 to 7.5 mV
  • Sensing Polarity: Unipolar/Bipolar
  • Refractory Period: From 200 ms to 500 ms in steps of 25 ms
  • Blanking Period: 100 ms

Hysteresis Parameter

  • Hysteresis Enable : On/Off
  • Hysteresis Rate Change : From 2 BPM to 40 BPM in steps of 2 BPM
  • Hysteresis Search: On/Off.

Magnetic Response:

  • BOL: SOO mode. Rate 96 BPM.
  • ERI: SOO mode. Rate 84 BPM.
  • EOL: SOO mode. Rate 64 BPM

Battery Chemistry and Model: Lithium Iodine WG8950 (1.58Ah).

Initial Voltage: 2.8V.

Service Life: The expected life of the Pacemaker, pacing 100% at 60 min-1, SSI mode, with 2.5 V
amplitude, pulse width of 0.4 ms and load 500 Ohms, is more than 8 Years.

Sze: 49X38X7.5 mm

Mass: 25 gm