Smart – E

Model SEP-11 Programmer for Pacemaker Smart – E

Technical information

Maximum programming time: 500 ms.

Programming Distance: 50mm

Positioning LED: It allows the easy detection of the right position of the programming head over the pacemaker

The parameters that rule the functioning of the SPL implantable devices can be interrogated and modified by a physician using the Smart-E Programming System. It consists of a software application that runs on a computer connected to a Programmer Interface.

Communications between the Programmer Interface and the implanted device is performed through a programming head placed on the top of the implant site. The programming head communicates via telemetry with the implant site.
The physician may interact with the implanted SPL’s devices through the Programming System.

Some of the activities that can be performed are:

  • Interrogate the parameters of the implanted devices as currently programmed
  • Modify the parameters of the implanted device
  • Retrieve statistics compiled by the implanted device as it operates
  • Log the telemetry operations
  • Generate and print reports
  • Store standard programs for future use
  • Program the implanted device to safe parameters values in emergency situations

When the inteface includes the ECG channel, the ECG signal is displayed on the synchronized screen with the marker pulses
The Programming System consists of:

  • PC with SPL+ Programming Application Software
  • Programmer Interface
  • Programming Head
  • ECG cable (in ECG models)

All implantable devices manufactured by SPL.
Threshold Detection: SPL+ allows sensing and pacing threshold detection through simple telemetry operations.

Programming Standards: SPL+ can use standard programs predefined by SPL. The user can also define his or her own standards .

Service Life: It shows the expected service life of the selected model using the chosen pacing values and the expected percentage of pacing events.

Marker pulses: The marker pulses are displayed on the SPL screen

ECG: The ECG is displayed on the marker bar, synchronized with the marker pulses.

Easy to Use: SPL+ software was developed according to Windows standards resulting in a very friendly user interface.

Easy to connect: SPL has developed several interfaces that can be connected to any desktop or portable PC.

Positioning LED: It allows the easy detection of the right position of the programming head over the pacemaker.